Migrants make up almost half of Bengaluru in today’s time, migration is not a new issue but has been going on for a while now. Bengaluru is known as the IT hub of India, you can find the best work opportunities in Bengaluru.

While the capital city, Delhi has also seen a huge migration mostly from Bihar and UP. The difference between Migration in Bengaluru and Delhi is that Bengaluru witness’s a educated and skilled migration where as Delhi experiences a unskilled labour migration.

A lot of people do not know what migration is, migration in simple words can be explained as a movement of a community or people to a new place in hope for a better livelihood.

Migration is not a negative attribute, it is how the society works, in order to grow and explore we must leave the comfort of our home. Migration has been a active part of the society for centuries.

Large scale migration in Kerala has also helped a lot of home grown business for instance, Bangalore to Kochi Packers and Movers are flourishing with work due to the migration.


Here are some reasons why a large number of Malayalees migrate to Bengaluru as compared to other Indian Cities. 

All Indian cities are as good as Bengaluru, but malayalees find migrating here ideal because of the similarities in the culture and society. Hence, migrating to Bengaluru for them does not mean leaving behind their life and traditions.

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